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Writing Center Graduate Assistant

To get more information about the Writing Center Graduate Assistantship position, click Graduate Assistant Description. 

To apply for this position, click Graduate Assistant Application. (Note: 2017-2018 positions are filled.)

Writing Center Writing Coaches

Applications are kept on file if they’re submitted in a semester when the Writing Center isn’t hiring. Ideally, prospective Writing Coaches will be sophomores or juniors, or first-year graduate students.


Strong writing skills; knowledge of effective writing processes; attention to detail; strong interpersonal skills; ability to explain concepts precisely and adapt to various audiences; a desire to help others succeed; strong sense of curiosity; responsibility and ability to keep commitments; and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Diverse interests, broad writing/reading experience, and tutoring experience are helpful. Because of the CRLA training and certification process, it's preferable that applicants be at least a year from graduation or student teaching when they apply.   

Job Description

Provides writing feedback and instruction to UNI students in individual appointments and occasionally in small groups; promotes the Writing Center on campus; participates with Writing Coordinator in presenting writing- and research-related topics and conducting workshops across the curriculum; assists the Writing Coordinator with a variety of tasks depending on interests and expertise; completes appointment summaries and student data tracking. Participates in College Reading  and Learning Association (CRLA) Tutor Certification Program, including first-semester training course and ongoing staff development. Writing Coaches can elect to work toward two levels of CRLA certification beyond the required Level I certification.  


This instructional position is ideal for students preparing to be educators, but the Writing Center employs a variety of majors. All have the opportunity to mentor, communicate with, and develop the capabilities of students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines and to become masters of written communication. For these reasons, the CRLA certification process and Writing Center experience are invaluable for anyone aspiring to work in editing/publishing, assume a management position, serve in a training/development capacity, work in marketing, work in any helping profession, or excel in the professional writing of any field.

  • Academic Year (Fall/Spring) position; 10 hrs per week, flexible scheduling
  • GET APPLICATION (Please attach a current résumé to your application)