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UNI Creative Life Research Center

Creative Life Research Center (CLRC)


The mission of the Creative Life Research Center (CLRC), established in August of 2013, is helping to build lives of meaning through the processes, places, and products of creativity.  Defining creativity as solving problems in ways that are novel, useful, and appropriate, the center aims to forge interdisciplinary opportunities for inquiry, engagement, and outreach for students, for faculty, and for the community.

Campus goals:

  • Creating new recruiting tools enabling UNI to promote exceptional undergraduate and graduate student opportunities for research; faculty-student collaboration; program evaluation and event planning; and exposure to renowned scholars, educators, inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs via campus conferences, guest lectures, and TEDx events.
  • Helping develop the creative potential of the future professionals in all the domains in which UNI students currently choose their majors.
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary partnerships, research projects, and faculty development opportunities that will serve to energize instruction and scholarship around UNI’s mission.
  • Creating new opportunities to attract public and private donations and grant funding.
  • Testing potentially transformative instructional strategies based on positive psychology precepts including flow, strengths, and creativity.
  • Providing planning and logistics for applying educational research and instructional innovation, for both academic and non-academic audiences, on campus, in the community, and in virtual environments.

Check out more information about the Creative Life Research Center here!