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Academic Learning Center

Staff Profile


Linh N.

Current Math Tutor


What is your major?

Math: Statistics/Acturial Science

What is your planned career path?


What factors influenced your decision to make working as a tutor part of your professional development?

I believe that being a tutor will help me perfect my communication skill, which is essential in my future workplace. Being a Math tutor will also reinforce my knowledge and math skills, setting a strong foundation for pursuing my major.

What experiences in Math and Science Services helped you to be better prepared to enter your career?

Working on being a certified tutor as well as certain projects has helped me develop organization and time management skills as well as a professional attitude for my future career. 

What advice would you give to individuals who are planning to enter a career similar to yours?

Pursuing a career in Mathematics or Actuarial Science may seem daunting at first, but once you've established a strong foundation in Mathematics, you will certainly succeed. 

What are/were some of the benefits of working in the Academic Learning Center?

My co-workers and I get along extremely well. We can cooperate effectively when working on assignments together. Staff members enjoy several occasions per semester where we bond outside of work. The working atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable, so I never feel isolated or stressed out at work.