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What NOT to Bring

Testing Rooms Prohibited Items

Each of our test vendors has specific guidelines on prohibited personal items a test candidate may not have in the testing room. This is to ensure test security and fairness in all test administration. There is a large general list of prohibited items common to most test vendors that UNI Examination Services will enforce unless explicitly permitted in the Vendor Program/Candidate Information Bulletins.

You will select a locker and be asked to place all items in the lockable locker provided. Nothing can go into the testing room, except items given to you during the check-in process. You will keep the locker key while testing and return to the locker at the end of your testing session.

  • Cell phones are to be powered off; NOT on vibrate or silent

  • All electronic devices (cameras, iPods, etc.) are to be powered off

  • Coats, jackets (outerwear) are to be hung up on the wall

  • Bags, backpacks, fanny packs, purses, handbags, etc. cannot be brought into the testing room

  • Books, pamphlets, dictionaries, and notes cannot be brought into the testing room

  • Briefcases cannot be brought into the testing room

  • Watches cannot be worn or brought into the testing room

  • Food and beverages cannot be brought into the testing room

  • Highlighter, pens, or mechanical pencils cannot be brought into the testing room

  • Any form of tobacco product, alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, etc. cannot be brought into the testing room

  • Hats, hoods, earbuds, or other headgear cannot be worn or brought into the testing room

Head coverings (headgear) worn for religious or cultural purposes are allowed in the testing room unless the Vendor/Client specifically prohibits them.

If a candidate refuses to comply with the rules regarding prohibited items, the UNI Testing Specialist will NOT allow the candidate to complete admission/testing, will dismiss the candidate from the Center, and will complete a Vendor Incident Report.

Rule of Thumb: The testing candidate can only take into the testing room what the UNI Testing Specialist provides him/her.
Children are not allowed to accompany test takers in the testing room and/or testing center reception area.