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About Examination Services

Examination Services Mission Statement:

Examination Services’ mission is to provide testing opportunities and proctoring services to assist UNI students and members of the community to achieve education, career, and workplace goals.*

*Examination Services adheres to the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines, to ensure the delivery of quality testing services in a welcoming, secure environment with highly trained and certified professionals.

What is it?

UNI Examination Services provides high-quality testing services that promote the intellectual growth of students, graduates, professionals, and members of the community. 

Why does it work?

By adopting the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines, Examination Services is able to deliver quality testing services in a secure, professional environment.

Benefits for examinees include enhancing the process and quality of test administration, improving access to computerized and paper-based testing, and offering the best opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, potentially improving the accuracy of test results.

How does it work?

We strive to administer and proctor tests in a secure, pleasant, technologically-advanced environment with the goal of promoting satisfaction and facilitating academic and professional success.  Examination Services works directly with testing companies and proctoring services to offer national, professional, certification, and other high-stakes exams.  In addition to adhering to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines, Examination Services staff go through extensive certification and training to administer exams.