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Academic Learning Center

About the College Reading & Learning Center

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Schedule an appointment to meet with the College Reading and Learning Center Coordinator or an Academic Coach. We can help you solve learning problems by listening to what you are working on and helping you problem-solve to find practical and effective college reading and learning processes that meet your unique learning needs. You can meet only once or on a regular basis, and you can tailor this service to meet your schedule and interests.

CRLC Program Mission Statement:  

The College Reading and Learning Center aims to support UNI students in formulating effective college reading and learning processes so that they can engage in critical inquiry and creative thought, persist toward graduation, and achieve their career goals. 

What is it?

The College Reading and Learning Center (CRLC) is a service where college students can go for resources to improve the quality of their study skills, college reading skills, time management, and more.  Trained and certified Academic Coaches at the CRLC work to identify challenges students are having with reading and learning to find strategies that will help them be as successful as possible. The CRLC offers individualized academic coaching that helps students meet their reading and learning challenges; collaborates with UNI faculty and staff; and provides workshops, presentations, and study groups for students to learn in group settings.

The College Reading and Learning Center offers the following types of assistance:

  • Academic Coaching
  • Faculty Consultations
  • Weekly Study Groups
  • A-Team Interdisciplinary Tutoring
  • Workshops and Short Presentations on Reading, Learning, and Study Topics
  • Skype Academic Coaching for Distance Education Students
  • GRE Verbal Preparation Course and Preparation Appointments
  • Praxis Core Reading Preparation
  • Facebook: UNI Reading and Learning Center

All of the CRLC services are offered at no cost to currently-enrolled UNI students.

Why does it work?

Our goal at the CRLC is to help students find ways in which they can be successful.  For this reason, we do not do work for students, but we instead introduce strategies students can use to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their studying.  Through interacting with peers in this environment of individualized coaching, students can eventually become independent learners who no longer need the help of an academic coach and can apply strategies they have learned to different areas in which they are working.

Academic Coaches are certified by the National Tutoring Association (NTA), and the program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

How does it work?

Request to meet with an academic coach by stopping in at our office (ITTC 008) or by calling (319) 273-6023.  Bring the course syllabus, textbook(s), and homework for the class you are concerned about to your first meeting.  Our academic coaches will help you find strategies that work for you to more effectively and successfully complete your assignments and learn course content.  Don’t have a particular class you’re worried about?  We can also help you get more organized and work on general time management skills, note-taking skills, reading strategies, and more.  Many times, it is helpful to meet with an academic coach on a weekly or biweekly basis to stay on track and to see what strategies work for you.