Academic Learning Center

Faculty Information

Advising Relationship

Academic Achievement and Retention Services advisors develop student-centered relationships with program participants. We provide holistic support that complements the role of faculty advisors and other campus services. We encourage and facilitate the development of the skills and behaviors needed by students for success through regular, individualized programming.  For more information regarding our advising relationship, please view our advising syllabus.

Midterm Evaluations

Academic Achievement & Retention Services advisors track the academic progress of their participants each semester.  The use of Student Academic Progress Reports are helpful in receiving feedback from professors regarding the progress AARS participants are making in their classes mid-semester.  For some students, including those in their first year of participation, faculty receive these reports and are asked to return them with information and comments to then be shared with the student in a one-on-one meeting with their AARS advisor.  For other students, as they progress through UNI, blank reports are provided and the student is asked to meet with their instructors to discuss their progress.  The student is encouraged to communicate with their AARS advisor the results of those meetings.  In either case, instructors are encouraged to contact an AARS advisor with any concerns or comments they have regarding the student.  

Student Concerns/Referrals

Any faculty member who has a concern about a student, but does not know where to direct the concern, is invited to contact an Academic Achievement and Retention Services advisor. We will share resources that could assist you in effectively and efficiently meeting the needs of your student. Please contact Kathy Peters at (319) 273-2179 or